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Extremes collide in outer space: unimaginable distances, gigantic galaxies - as well as tiny particles that are, however, of substantial significance for the development of the Universe. In order to be able to explore the developmental steps and epochs of the Universe, different areas in physics have to work together. In the Excellence Cluster Universe, nuclear and particle physicists, cosmologists, astronomers and astrophysicists join forces to shed light on the secrets of the Universe. Read more ...


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Treasure hunting in archive data reveals clues about black holes’ diet

Using archival data from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, as well as from the XMM-Newton and Chandra X-ray telescopes, a team of astronomers at the Max ...


Arndt Bode receives the Konrad-Zuse-Medal for computer science

Prof. Arndt Bode, director of the Leibniz-Rechenzentrum, professor of computer engineering and computer organization at the faculty of computer ...


Biggest explosions in the universe powered by strongest magnets

Observations from ESO’s La Silla and Paranal Observatories in Chile have for the first time demonstrated a link between a very long-lasting burst of ...

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03.08.2015, 10:00

Mädchen machen Technik: Unser Stern, die Sonne

Für uns alle ist die Sonne Energiequelle und Lebensspender. Für die Astrophysiker/innen ist sie der...

05.08.2015, 10:00

Mädchen machen Technik: Der simulierte Kosmos

In diesem Kurs zeigen wir euch ein paar Beispiele dafür, wie Astrophysiker/innen das Universum mit...

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Research Area B Science Day

Cluster scientists and students performing research in the Excellence Cluster's Research Area...

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