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Extremes collide in outer space: unimaginable distances, gigantic galaxies - as well as tiny particles that are, however, of substantial significance for the development of the Universe. In order to be able to explore the developmental steps and epochs of the Universe, different areas in physics have to work together. In the Excellence Cluster Universe, nuclear and particle physicists, cosmologists, astronomers and astrophysicists join forces to shed light on the secrets of the Universe. Read more ...


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Peeking around cosmic corners

Using galaxies as giant gravitational lenses, an international group of astronomers measured independently how fast the Universe is expanding. The ...


Excellent PhD theses 2016

The PhD Awards 2016 of the Excellence Cluster Universe go to the experimental work of Alexander Neumeier (TUM) and the theoretical thesis of Simone ...


New DFG Special Research Area: Neutrinos and Dark Matter

Neutrinos and dark matter are at the center of research of a new Special Research Area (Sonderforschungsbereich, SFB) of the German Research ...

public events

14.03.2017, 19:00

Café & Kosmos: Das Weltraum im Labor

Damit Astronomen die Geheimnisse von weißen Zwergen, Neutronensternen und schwarzen Löchern im All...

24.04.2017, 14:30

Lehrerfortbildung "Spezielle und Relativitätstheorie"

Von Montag, 24. April 2017 bis Mittwoch, 26. April 2017 veranstaltet der Exzellenzcluster Universe...

scientific events


Special Universe Talk: Turbulence in astrophysical and laboratory plasmas: Connecting the dots

Abstract: It is widely recognized that turbulence is an important and exciting frontier topic...

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