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Extremes collide in outer space: unimaginable distances, gigantic galaxies - as well as tiny particles that are, however, of substantial significance for the development of the Universe. In order to be able to explore the developmental steps and epochs of the Universe, different areas in physics have to work together. In the Excellence Cluster Universe, nuclear and particle physicists, cosmologists, astronomers and astrophysicists join forces to shed light on the secrets of the Universe. Read more ...


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The Excellence Cluster on TV: "Hidden charge"

From outside, neutrons appear to be electrically neutral. Prof. Dr. Peter Fierlinger, particle physicist at the Technische Universität München and ...


Roland Diehl is new research area coordinator

Prof. Dr. Roland Diehl from the Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics is the new coordinator of the research area G "What ...


Universe PhD Awards 2014: Call for Promotional Thesis Awards

For the seventh time, the Exellence Cluster Universe will award two outstanding dissertations in the field of astro-, nuclear and particle ...

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Universe Colloquium: How to travel to the stars and Fermi’s paradox

    Since the dawn of civilization humans have imagined travelling to the stars and have...


Universe Colloquium: Making Stars: Sodium Laser Guide Stars in Terrestrial Astronomy

    Terrestrial astronomy suffers from wavefront distortion due to atmospheric...


Fruits of the Universe series – No food, no star – The complex evolution of a galaxy star formation activity

No food, no star – The complex evolution of a galaxy star formation activity The evolution of the...

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