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Extremes collide in outer space: unimaginable distances, gigantic galaxies - as well as tiny particles that are, however, of substantial significance for the development of the Universe. In order to be able to explore the developmental steps and epochs of the Universe, different areas in physics have to work together. In the Excellence Cluster Universe, nuclear and particle physicists, cosmologists, astronomers and astrophysicists join forces to shed light on the secrets of the Universe. Read more ...


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Supernova iron found on the moon

Approximately two million years ago a star exploded in a supernova close to our solar system: Its traces can still be found today in the form of an ...


Indications for ultra-fast planet formation processes

Observations using the VLA radio telescope array in New Mexico show the innermost portion of a planetary birthplace around the young star HL Tauri in ...


Gamma rays reveal pair plasma from a flaring black hole binary system

ESA’s INTEGRAL observatory saw the microquasar V404 Cygni flaring in June last year, which helped a team of astronomers led by the Max Planck ...

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17.05.2016, 19:00

Café & Kosmos: Was uns historische Supernova-Überreste verraten

Die Erforschung von explodierenden Sternen (Supernovae) trägt maßgeblich dazu bei, die Entstehung...

14.06.2016, 19:00

Café & Kosmos: Warum gibt es mehr Materie als Antimaterie?

Das sichtbare Universum besteht aus “normaler” Materie – also jenen Teilchen, aus denen wir, die...

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Interdisciplinary Cluster Workshop: Detectors and Instrumentation

The Excellence Cluster Universe organises the interdisciplinary workshop "Detectors and...


Interdisciplinary Cluster Workshop: Challenges in statistical inference

The Excellence Cluster Universe organises the interdisciplinary workshop "Challenges in...

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