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  • Understanding Type Ia supernovae through their U-band spectra

    Nordin, J. and Aldering, G. and Antilogus, P. and Aragon, C. and Bailey, S. and Baltay, C. and Barbary, K. and Bongard, S. and Boone, K. and Brinnel, V. and Buton, C. and Childress, M. and Chotard, N. and Copin, Y. and Dixon, S. and Fagrelius, P. and Feindt, U. and Fouchez, D. and Gangler, E. and Hayden, B. and Hillebrandt, W. and Kim, A. and Kowalski, M. and Kuesters, D. and Leget, P.-F. and Lombardo, S. and Lin, Q. and Pain, R. and Pecontal, E. and Pereira, R. and Perlmutter, S. and Rabinowitz, D. and Rigault, M. and Runge, K. and Rubin, D. and Saunders, C. and Smadja, G. and Sofiatti, C. and Suzuki, N. and Taubenberger, S. and Tao, C. and Thomas, R.~C.

    ArXiv e-prints 2018

  • pj 2018

  • pj 2018

  • JCAP 2018

  • The mass dependence of dark matter halo alignments with large-scale structure

    Piras, D. and Joachimi, B. and Schaefer, B.M. and Bonamigo, M. and Hilbert, S. and van Uitert, E.

    mnras 2018

  • The spin symmetry in the Dirac sea derived from the bare nucleon-nucleon interaction

    Shihang Shen, Haozhao Liang, Jie Meng, Peter Ring, and Shuangquan Zhang

    Phys. Lett. B 2018

  • Dark Energy Survey Year 1 Results: Weak Lensing Mass Calibration of redMaPPer Galaxy Clusters

    McClintock, T. and Varga, T.~N. and Gruen, D. and Rozo, E. and Rykoff, E.~S. and Shin, T. and Melchior, P. and DeRose, J. and Seitz, S. and Dietrich, J.~P. and Sheldon, E. and Zhang, Y. and von der Linden, A. and Jeltema, T. and Mantz, A. and Romer, A.~K. and Allen, S. and Becker, M.~R. and Bermeo, A. and Bhargava, S. and Costanzi, M. and Everett, S. and Farahi, A. and Hamaus, N. and Hartley, W.~G. and Hollowood, D.~L. and Hoyle, B. and Israel, H. and Li, P. and MacCrann, N. and Morris, G. and Palmese, A. and Plazas, A.~A. and Pollina, G. and Rau, M.~M. and Simet, M. and Soares-Santos, M. and Troxel, M.~A. and Vergara Cervantes, C. and Wechsler, R.~H. and Zuntz, J. and Abbott, T.~M.~C. and Abdalla, F.~B. and Allam, S. and Annis, J. and Avila, S. and Bridle, S.~L. and Brooks, D. and Burke, D.~L. and Carnero Rosell, A. and Carrasco Kind, M. and Carretero, J. and Castander, F.~J. and Crocce, M. and Cunha, C.~E. and D_s14Andrea, C.~B. and da Costa, L.~N. and Davis, C. and De Vicente, J. and Diehl, H.~T. and Doel, P. and Drlica-Wagner, A. and Evrard, A.~E. and Flaugher, B. and Fosalba, P. and Frieman, J. and Garc_s14ia-Bellido, J. and Gaztanaga, E. and Gerdes, D.~W. and Giannantonio, T. and Gruendl, R.~A. and Gutierrez, G. and Honscheid, K. and James, D.~J. and Kirk, D. and Krause, E. and Kuehn, K. and Lahav, O. and Li, T.~S. and Lima, M. and March, M. and Marshall, J.~L. and Menanteau, F. and Miquel, R. and Mohr, J.~J. and Nord, B. and Ogando, R.~L.~C. and Roodman, A. and Sanchez, E. and Scarpine, V. and Schindler, R. and Sevilla-Noarbe, I. and Smith, M. and Smith, R.~C. and Sobreira, F. and Suchyta, E. and Swanson, M.~E.~C. and Tarle, G. and Tucker, D.~L. and Vikram, V. and Walker, A.~R. and Weller, J.

    ArXiv e-prints 2018

  • The ALICE Transition Radiation Detector: construction, operation, and performance

    Acharya, Shreyasi ... Dahms, Torsten ... Fabbietti, Laura ... (ALICE Collaboration)

    Nucl. Instrum. Meth. 2018

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