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The Excellence Cluster Universe is interested in recruiting outstanding young scientists and non-academic staff. We are aware that job decisions often bring about changes not only for the person applying, but also for her or his partner. Therefore we closely collaborate with the Dual Career units of the two universities involved in the Cluster. 

TUM Dual Career Office:
TUM also provides a Service Guide in both German and English.

LMU Dual Career Service:

Open Positions:


public events

17.05.2016, 19:00

Café & Kosmos: Was uns historische Supernova-Überreste verraten

Die Erforschung von explodierenden Sternen (Supernovae) trägt maßgeblich dazu bei, die Entstehung...

14.06.2016, 19:00

Café & Kosmos: Warum gibt es mehr Materie als Antimaterie?

Das sichtbare Universum besteht aus “normaler” Materie – also jenen Teilchen, aus denen wir, die...

scientific events


Bayes Forum: Modern Probability Theory

A theory of logical inference should be all-encompassing, applying to any subject about which...

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