Cluster Coordinators

Prof. Dr. Andreas Burkert (LMU)

Vice Cluster Coordinator

Prof. Dr. Andreas  Burkert
Prof. Dr. Andreas Burkert Telephone: +49.89.35831-7102
Fax: +49.89.3299-4002
Email: Prof. Dr. Andreas Burkert

Research Area: G

Prof. Dr. Stephan Paul (TUM)

Cluster Coordinator

Prof. Dr. Stephan  Paul
Prof. Dr. Stephan Paul Telephone: +49.89.35831-7101
Fax: +49.89.3299-4002
Email: Prof. Dr. Stephan Paul

Research Areas: B, C, D


Dr. Birgit Schaffhauser (TUM)

General Manager

Dr. Birgit  Schaffhauser
Dr. Birgit Schaffhauser Telephone: +49.89.35831-7103
Fax: +49.89.3299-4002
Email: Dr. Birgit Schaffhauser

Dr. Andreas Müller (TUM)

Scientific Manager, Vice General Manager

Dr. Andreas  Müller
Dr. Andreas Müller Telephone: +49.89.35831-7104
Fax: +49.89.3299-4002
Email: Dr. Andreas Müller

Petra Riedel (TUM)

PR Manager

Petra  Riedel
Petra Riedel Telephone: +49.89.35831-7105
Fax: +49.89.3299-4002
Email:  Petra Riedel

Sabine Kaps (TUM)

Assistentin der Geschäftsstellenleitung

Sabine  Kaps
Sabine Kaps Telephone: +49.89.35831-7112
Fax: +49.89.3299-4002
Email:  Sabine Kaps

Katharina Fierlinger (TUM)

MIAPP Programme Manager

Katharina  Fierlinger
Katharina Fierlinger Telephone: +49.89.35831-7124
Email:  Katharina Fierlinger

Tina Jacobs (TUM)

MIAPP Assistant

Tina  Jacobs
Tina Jacobs Telephone: +49 89 35831-7109
Email:  Tina Jacobs

Sonja Lutz-Lampertseder (TUM)


Sonja  Lutz-Lampertseder
Sonja Lutz-Lampertseder Telephone: +49.89.35831-7100
Fax: +49.89.3299-4002
Email:  Sonja Lutz-Lampertseder

Ivan Vuckovic-Schlör (TUM)

Buchhaltung TUM

Ivan  Vuckovic-Schlör
Ivan Vuckovic-Schlör Telephone: +49.89.35831-7107
Fax: +49.89.3299-4002
Email:  Ivan Vuckovic-Schlör

Thomas Würstl (LMU)

Buchhaltung LMU

Thomas  Würstl
Thomas Würstl Telephone: +49.89.35831-7111
Fax: +49.89.3299-4002
Email:  Thomas Würstl

Andreas Weiß (TUM)

IT, Strahlenschutz und Laborleitung

Andreas  Weiß
Andreas Weiß Telephone: +49.89.35831-7142
Fax: +49.89.3299-4002
Email:  Andreas Weiß

Sandra Amane (TUM)


Sandra  Amane
Sandra Amane Telephone: +49.89.35831-7108
Fax: +49.89.3299-4002
Email:  Sandra Amane

Nina Romero (TUM)

MIAPP Assistant (beurlaubt/on leave)

Nina  Romero
Nina Romero Telephone: +49.89.35831-7109
Fax: +49.89.3299-4002
Email:  Nina Romero

Wissenschaftliche Veranstaltungen


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