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The research cooperation "Excellence Cluster Universe" is located at the Technische Universität München in Garching near Munich, Germany. Its partners are renowned research institutions in the areas of cosmology, nuclear and particle physics as well as astrophysics.

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12.09.2017, 19:00

Café & Kosmos: Wahrheit und Wahrscheinlichkeit: Informationstheorie in All & Alltag

Wie findet man Wahrheiten im Kosmos oder im Mikrokosmos unserestäglichen Lebens? Die Informationen,...

scientific events


Special Universe Talk: The J-PAS and J-PLUS surveys: the sky in multi-color

Abstract: Medium-band photometric surveys, such as COMBO-17, COSMOS and ALHAMBRA, have shown...


Seeon 2017: Retreat Meeting on ORIGINS

During Wednesday, 29th November 2017 to Friday, 1st December 2017 the Excellence...

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