Fundamental Physics with Neutrons

Vorlesung in TUM Online


Part 01: Introduction, Neutron Properties and Neutron Sources
Part 02: Ultra-cold Neutrons
Part 03: Big Bang Nucleosynthesis
Part 04: Neutron Decay, Part 1
Part 05: Neutron Oscillations and Correlation Coefficients
Part 06: Neutron Electric Dipole Moments (Part 1, Setting the Stage)
Part 07: Neutron Electric Dipole Moments (Part 2, Experimental Techniques)
Part 08: Neutron Electric Dipole Moments (Part 3, EDM extraction, Systematics, Hg EDM)
Part 09: UCN Gravity Experiments
Part 10: Axions (Part 1)
Part 11: Axions (Part 2)
Part 12: Monte Carlo Simulations
Part 13: Analysis & Statistics
Part 14: Let's design a UCN experiment!

Papers to be discussed in the journal club

  1. James Chadwick: "The Existence of a Neutron", Proc. Roy. Soc.,A,136,p. 692-708
  2. A. Serebrov et. al.: "Neutron lifetime measurements using gravitationally trapped ultracold neutrons", Phys. Rev. C 78, 035505
    "Reading guide" to the neutron lifetime paper
  3. Gary Stegman: "Primordial Alchemy: From The Big Bang To The Present Universe"
  4. J. S. Nico et al.: "Measurement of the Neutron Lifetime by Counting Trapped Protons in a Cold Neutron Beam"
    "Reading guide" for the beam lifetime paper
  5. D. Pocanic et al., “Nab: Measurement principles, apparatus and uncertainties ”
    "Reading guide" for the Nab paper
  6. Conceptual Design Report for the nEDM experiment at LANL
    "Reading guide" for the CDR
    Better version of Fig. I-2 in the CDR
  7. C.A. Baker et al.: “Improved Experimental Limit on the Electric Dipole Moment of the Neutron”
    "Reading guide" for the nEDM paper
  8. I. Altarev et al., “A large-scale magnetic shield with 106 damping at mHz frequencies”
    "Reading guide" for the magnetically shielded room paper
  9. T. Jenke et al., "Realization of a gravity-resonance-spectroscopy technique"
    R. Colella et al., "“Observation of Gravitationally Induced Quantum Interference"
  10. S. J. Asztalos et al., "SQUID-Based Microwave Cavity Search for Dark-Matter Axions"
    "Reading guide" for the paper on the search for DM axions
  11. S. Afach et al., "Constraining interactions mediated by axion-like particles with ultracold neutrons"
    "Reading guide" for the paper on ALPs with UCN
  12. F. Atchison et al, "The simulation of ultracold neutron experiments using GEANT4"
    "Reading guide" for the Monte Carlo paper
  13. R. Barlow, "Introduction to Statistical Issues in Particle Physics"
    "Reading guide" for the statistics paper

Additional ressources

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iPython Notebook with some fitting examples and propagation of error/external measurements to the fit (for lecture 13)