Geförderte Seed Money Projekte 2018

Projekt 1/2018: "A"
Antragsteller: Günter Duckeck (LMU), Thomas Kuhr (LMU) & Stefan Kluth (MPP)
Research Area: I, alle (Computation)

Projekt 2/2017: "Is Warm Inflation possible?"
Antragsteller: Björn Garbrecht (TUM), Marco Drewes (TUM) & Jin U Kang (ICTP, Trieste)
Research Areas: A (Theorie)

Projekt 3/2017: "Prototype detector system for precision beta spectroscopy to determine the electron anti-neutrino spectrum in the decay of 144Pr for a sterile neutrino search in CeSOX"
Antragsteller: Bastian Märkisch (TUM) & Stefan Schönert (TUM)
Research Area: B,C (experimentell)

Projekt 4/2017: "3D-DOS: Three-Dimensional Microdosimetry for Human Space Exploration (DLR Überflieger Student Project)"
Antragsteller: Martin Losekamm (TUM) & Stephan Paul (TUM)
Research Area: D (experimentell)

Projekt 5/2017: "First measurement of the 'mono-energetic' neutral hydrogen atoms from the bound β decay of the neutron"
Antragsteller: Erwin Gutsmiedl, Stephan Paul , Igor Konorov, Wolfgang Schott & Torsten Soldner (alle TUM)
Research Areas: B (experimentell)

Projekt 6/2017: "Exploratory study of PEN as scintillation material for granular calorimeters"
Antragsteller: Frank Simon, Naomi van der Kolk & Bela Majorovits (alle MPP)
Research Areas: B, C, D (experimentell)

Projekt 7/2017: "Gram-scale cryogenic calorimeters for a discovery of coherent neutrino-nucleus scattering"
Antragsteller: M. Mancuso, E. Mondragon, Lothar Oberauer, Federica Petricca, J. Rothe, Stefan Schönert & Raimund Strauss (MPP, TUM)
Research Areas: C,E  (experimentell)

Projekt 8/2017: "A silicon vertex tracker for light charged nuclei to detect a 4n resonance"
Antragsteller: Florian Dufter & Laura Fabbietti (TUM)
Research Areas: D (experimentell)

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