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The Excellence Cluster Universe is interested in recruiting outstanding young scientists and non-academic staff. We are aware that job decisions often bring about changes not only for the person applying, but also for her or his partner. Therefore we closely collaborate with the Dual Career units of the two universities involved in the Cluster. 

TUM Dual Career Office:
TUM also provides a Service Guide in both German and English.

LMU Dual Career Service:

Open Positions:

scientific events


Special Universe Lecture: Magnetizing the Universe I: Fluctuation dynamos

Abstract: The universe is magnetized, from stars like the Sun, to the...


Special Universe Lecture: Magnetizing the universe II: The large scale dynamo

Abstract: Astrophysical systems like stars and galaxies host large-scale magnetic fields,...


Special Universe Lecture: Magnetic fields in the early universe

Abstract: Could magnetic fields be a relic from the early Universe, arising perhaps...

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