The Excellence Cluster Universe mourns the death of Klaus Tschira

The Excellence Cluster Universe mourns the death of its friend and supporter Klaus Tschira, who was a member of the "friends of the ...


Eclipse observation in front of Garching TU Mensa

On Friday, March 20, the moon swings in front of the sun creating a partial solar eclipse in Germany. In Munich, the eclipse begins at 9:31 a.m., the ...


Inconspicuous, tiny particles deform the large-scale structure of the Universe

A systematic study of all massive galaxy clusters in the local universe provides information on the lightest elementary particles: Scientists at the ...


Precision measurement for the strong interaction

Nuclear particles called pions contribute significantly to the strong interaction. This force is responsible for binding nuclei together and ...


Excellent PhD theses 2014

The PhD Awards 2014 of the Excellence Cluster Universe go to the experimental works of Tobias Prinz and Jonathan Bortfeldt from the ...


Unexpected findings on the production of elements

Elements of cosmic origin on the floor of the Pacific Ocean provide new insights into supernova explosions. An international research team with ...


Borexino result among the “Breakthroughs of the Year 2014”

The magazine Physics World has selected the Borexino result as one of the top ten "Breakthroughs of the Year 2014" in physics. The ...

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