Funded Seed Money Projects 2013

Project 1/2013: "Explorative growth of molybdate single crystals for neutrinoless double beta decay research with cryogenic detectors"
Proposers: S. Schönert, A. Erb, J. Lanfranchi (all TUM)
Research Area: C (experimental)
Approved budget: EUR 62.083,-

Project 2/2013: "Prototype development for a payload for the CubeSAT satellite to measure very low energy antiprotons"
Proposers: S. Paul, B. Ketzer, M. Losekamm (all TUM)
Research Area: D (experimental)
Approved budget: EUR 41.500,-

Project 3/2013: "X-ray tracking, low- and high-energy neutron tracking"
Proposers: O. Biebel & R. Hertenberger (both LMU)
Research Area: B (experimental)
Approved budget: EUR 24.700,-

Project 4/2013: "The Hot and Energetic Universe: Simulating the Athena+ X-Ray mission"
Proposers: K. Dolag (USM) & A. Merloni (MPE)
Research Area: F, I (theory)
Approved budget: EUR 30.000,-

Project 5/2013: "Development of Ion Tracker for HyperNIS program at the NIS-GIBS spectrometer in Dubna"
Proposer: L. Fabbietti (TUM)
Research Area: D (experimental)
Approved budget:  EUR 27.000,-

Project 6/2013: "Development of new methods for Ion-Back-Flow reduction in Micropattern Gas Detectors"
Proposers: L. Fabbietti & B. Ketzer (both TUM)
Research Area: D (experimental)
Approved budget: EUR 25.000,-

Project 7/2013: "Clock comparison of 3-He and 129-Xe"
Proposers: P. Fierlinger (TUM), T. Chupp (U Michigan) & F. Kuchler (TUM)
Research Area: A, C (experimental)
Approved budget: EUR 38.000,-

Project 8/2013: "Bradbury Nielsen gates for neutron beta decay measurements"
Proposer: E. Gutsmiedl (TUM)
Research Area: B (experimental)
Approved budget: EUR 40.000,-

Project 9/2013: "The Early Phase of Light Emission from Scintillation Detectors"
Proposers: W. Henning (TUM), A. Ulrich (TUM), F. Pröbst (MPP), S. Schönert (TUM) &. J.-C. Lanfranchi (TUM)
Research Area: C (experimental)
Approved budget: EUR 65.000,-

Project 10/2013: "Development of a Neural Network based Track Trigger"
Proposers: C. Kiesling (MPP), S. Paul (TUM) & J. Schieck (LMU)
Research Area: B–D (experimental)
Approved budget: EUR 25.000,-

Project 11/2013: "Prototype design of a Precision Optical Calibration Module for large volume neutrino detectors"
Proposers: E. Resconi & L. Oberauer (beide TUM)
Research Area: E, F (experimental)
Approved budget: EUR 32.400,-

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