Funded Seed Money Projects 2015

Project 1/2015: "Development and Verification of a Compact TDC-Based Data Acquisition System for Space Applications"
Proposers: Stephan Paul, Martin Losekamm & Thomas Pöschl (TUM)
Research Area: D (experimental)

Project 2/2015: "JUNO/LSc: Set-up of a new optical spectrometer for extremely large attenuation lengths"
Proposers: D. Hellgartner, L. Oberauer, S. Prummer, H. Trinthi, A. Ulrich, V. Zimmer (TUM)
Research Area: C (experimental)

Project 3/2015: "Building a prototype of a large-area GEM-based readout chamber for the operation inside a TPC"
Proposers: Laura Fabbietti & Piotr Gasik (TUM)
Research Area: D (experimental)

Project 4/2015: "The Cosmic web as a galaxy network. A pilot project"
Proposers: Paola Popesso (TUM), Vincenzo Mainieri (ESO) & A. Kalinka (MPI for Cell Biology)
Research Areas: E, F, biology (interdisciplinary)

Project 5/2015: "A Bayesian Software Telescope for Photometric Surveys"
Proposers: Jens Jasche (TUM), Stefan Hilbert (LMU) & Guilhem Lavaux (IAP Paris)
Research Area: E, F (interdisciplinary)

Project 6/2015: "How to IceCube-Gen2?"
Proposers: Elisa Resconi (TUM)
Research Area: C (experimental)

Project 7/2015: "RICH 700 – A new MAPMT photon detector for the ring imaging Cherenkov detector of the HADES experiment"
Proposers: Laura Fabbietti, J. Friese & T. Kunz (all TUM)
Research Area: D (experimental)

Project 8/2015: "Towards a broad band QCD Dark Matter Axion search: a first proof of principle test"
Proposers: Bela Majorovits, Olaf Reimann & Frank Simon (all MPP)
Research Area: B, D, E (experimental)

Project 9/2015: "Development of Neganov-Trofimov-Luke Effect Detectors for Astroparticle Physics"
Proposers: Xavier Defay, Jean-Côme Lanfranchi, Stefan Schönert, Elizabeth Mondragon Cortes, Michael Willers (all TUM), Emiliano Olivieri (CSNSM Orsay) & Bernard Sadoulet (U Berkeley)
Research Area: C, E (experimental)

Project 10/2015: "Neutrino mass generation mechanisms in (grand) unified flavor models and phenomenological imprints"
Proposers: Claudia Hagedorn (TUM), Davide Meloni (U Roma Tre), Emiliano Molinaro (CP3-Origins, Odense) & Tommy Ohlsson (KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm)
Research Area: D (theoretical)

Project 11/2015: "Spatio-Temporal Fit of Drift Chamber Tracks"
Proposers: Tobias Schlüter (LMU), Thomas Kuhr (LMU) & Christian Kiesling (MPP)
Research Area: B, C (experimental)

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