Funded Seed Money Projects 2016

Project 1/2016: "The neutron lifetime from nuclear properties"
Proposers: Thomas Faestermann (TUM)
Research Area: G (experimental)
Approved budget: EUR 20.000,-

Project 2/2016: "Does the r-process occur in CCSNe? Search for 244-Pu on Earth"
Proposers: Shawn Bishop (TUM)
Research Area: G (experimental)
Approved budget: EUR 35.000,-

Project 3/2016: "Big Data interpretation: Challenges for Cosmology and Industry 4.0"
Proposers: Jens Jasche (TUM), Maksim Greiner (LMU/MPA) & Theo Steininger (LMU/MPA)
Research Area: E,F (experimental)
Approved budget: EUR 40.000,-

Project 4/2016: "Computing the Universe with Effective Methods"
Proposers: Nora Brambilla (TUM) & Antonio Vairo (TUM)
Research Areas: B-E (interdisciplinary)
Approved budget: EUR 56.300,-

Project 5/2016: "Electric dipole moments in diamagnetic atoms"
Proposers: Martin Jung (TUM) & Timo Fleig (U Toulouse)
Research Area: B, C (theor.)
Approved budget: EUR 13.000,-

Project 6/2016: "Hydro CLUES online"
Proposers: Klaus Dolag (LMU/USM), PI Arndt Bode (LRZ) PI A. Krukau, M. Petkova (ExCluster, C2PAP), N. Hammer, S. Peinkofer (LRZ)
Research Area: E, I (theor.)
Approved budget: EUR 43.300,-    

Project 7/2016: "Unravelling the discharge mechanisms in GEM-based detectors"
Proposers: Laura Fabbietti, Martin Berger, Piotr Gasik & Andreas Mathis (all TUM)
Research Area: D (experimental)
Approved budget: EUR 24.650,-

Project 8/2016: "Our PWA moving to C2PAP"
Proposers: Laura Fabbietti (TUM)
Research Area: D (experimental)
Approved budget: EUR 15.000,-

Project 9/2016: "Upgrade of AMS facility for measurement of astrophysical cross-sections"
Proposers: Thomas Faestermann, Peter Ludwig & Gunther Korschinek (all TUM)
Research Area: G (experimental)
Approved budget: EUR 37.000,- 

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