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Deputy Coordinator Research Area I

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C2PAP Proposals

We invite project proposals from Universe Cluster scientists to carry out scientific investigations within the framework of the C2PAP. These projects can include proposals to use the dedicated C2PAP cluster (2048 cores, 250TB storage) and/or to carry out computational developments in collaboration with the C2PAP staff.

Proposals should contain a short description of the scientific goals followed by a more detailed description of the computational task or problem; this should include an outline of the workflow and the development plan over the coming year. Projects will be accepted for a maximum duration of one year, but project extensions are possible through renewal proposals.

Please direct any questions about proposals, proposal submission and preparation to

Proposal Deadlines

The deadline for projects in 2018 is on Dec 11, 2017.

Selection Committee

Proposals will be evaluated by the C2PAP staff and coordinators.

Who can apply?

All Principal Investigators of the Excellence Cluster Universe can apply.

Further information

For further information please see the C2PAP Wiki or contact the relevant staff members.

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