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Extremes collide in outer space: unimaginable distances, gigantic galaxies - as well as tiny particles that are, however, of substantial significance for the development of the Universe. In order to be able to explore the developmental steps and epochs of the Universe, different areas in physics have to work together. In the Excellence Cluster Universe, nuclear and particle physicists, cosmologists, astronomers and astrophysicists join forces to shed light on the secrets of the Universe. Read more ...


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ORIGINS Cluster gets green light

The Excellence Cluster “From the Origin of the Universe to the First Building Blocks of Life (the “ORIGINS” Cluster) can begin work on January 1, ...


Grand Narrative

How could the initial conditions created by the cataclysmic Big Bang have given rise to large-scale structures, and to life on Earth? These weighty ...


First evidence on the source of extragalactic particles

For the first time ever, scientists have determined the cosmic origin of highest-energy neutrinos. A research group led by IceCube scientist Elisa ...

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17.10.2018, 19:00

Wissenschaft für jedermann:Das massereiche Schwarze Loch im Galaktischen Zentrum: Test der Allgemeinen Relativitätstheorie

Prof. Dr. Reinhard Genzel (Max-Planck-Institut für extraterrestrische Physik) Seit ihrer...

18.10.2018, 19:00

Kunst am CAS: Vernissage zur Austellung "Ugo Dossi – Stardust/Weltmodelle"

Einladung zur Vernissage mit Einführung von Prof. Dr. Andreas Burkert (Astrophysik, LMU) Wann:...

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Science Week 2018

During Monday, 3rd December 2018 to Thursday, 6th December 2018 the Excellence...

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