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Call for "Universe PhD Awards 2016"

For the ninth time, the Exellence Cluster Universe awards two outstanding dissertations in the field of astro-, nuclear and particle physics. The "Universe PhD Awards 2016" will be given to PhD theses in the categories "experiment" and "theory", respectively, and endowed with 2,000 Euros each.

Candidates are nominated by one of their PhD supervisor by a nomination letter. The supervisors have to be a member of one of the eight Cluster partner institutions (TUM, LMU, MPA, MPE, MPP, IPP, ESO, LRZ). The PhD theses have to be submitted, reviewed and graded either at the TU München or at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität between 16 July 2015 and 15 July 2016. Application including nomination letter and a pdf of the PhD thesis have to be sent to: 

Exzellenzcluster Universe
Dr. Andreas Müller
Boltzmannstr. 2
85748 Garching

The Application deadline is 15 July 2016.

The awardees are invited to present their award winning theses during the Science Week 2016 of the Excellence Cluster Universe (5-8 December 2016).  

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Exzellenzcluster Universe

Boltzmannstr. 2
D-85748 Garching

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