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Excellence Cluster Universe and Berkeley Center for Cosmological Physics sign “Memorandum of Understanding”

The Excellence Cluster Universe expands its international network with renowned research institutions: A co-operation between the newly founded "Berkeley Center for Cosmological Physics" and the Cluster was recently finalized. Both institutions signed a “Memorandum of Understanding”.

The Berkeley Center for Cosmological Physics was founded by 2006 Nobel Prize Laureate George Smoot, who donated the majority of his prize money to this institution. The center aims to become a place where observational cosmologists like Smoot himself, phenomenologist and theorists come together to solve the big questions of 21st century cosmology.

The memorandum acknowledges the existence of common principles and goals that make it desirable for both parties to co-operate in research and education. Three main areas of cooperation have been defined: A strong collaboration on questions related to the formation and evolution of the Universe, the innermost structure of matter, space and time and the nature of the fundamental forces. Furthermore, there will be common focus on the Planck mission and cosmological simulation. The two institutions will also embark upon a co-operation in the field of education and public outreach. Thus, the Excellence Cluster joined the organizing committee of the Berkeley Center’s school “Cosmology at the Beach”, which is scheduled for January 2009 in Mexico.

by A. Wolfelsperger-Essig

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