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First Junior Professor arrives at the Cluster

On the first of October, the first Junior Research Group (JRG) leader arrived at the Cluster. Dr. Frank Simon and his group will focus on the development of detector technologies for particle physics experiments. This project is part of the Clusters research area B, which examines the question of symmetry between matter and forces.





Simon's group will be the first JRG out of ten groups to be installed at the Cluster building. The other groups will follow within the next few months. To the JRG leaders, the Cluster offers an excellent environment for independent research and for the establishment of strong collaborations. Additionally, the Junior Professors will lecture at the faculty of the Technische Universität München.

Before joining the Cluster, Simon worked as a Postdoctoral Associate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Laboratory for Nuclear Science. There, he played a leading role in the polarized proton program of the STAR experiment at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider RHIC at Brookhaven National Laboratory.

Simon now has a Tenure Track position at the Max-Planck-Insitut für Physik (MPP). The Tenure Track system is a widespread recruiting procedure at US-American universities aimed to attract and support outstanding young scientists. Researchers are initially employed with a limited contract. Following successful evaluation after a certain amount of time, they are rewarded with a permanent staff position.

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