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New leader for experimental Junior Research Group

In the end of July, Peter Fierlinger accepted a professorship (W2) at TUM and will now create and lead a new experimental Junior Research Group at the Excellence Cluster Universe. This group will focus on particle physics with neutrons to gain understanding of fundamental symmetries like T-violation in the baryon sector, for example, by searching for an electric dipole moment of the neutron.


After completing his PhD studies at the University of Zurich, Fierlinger spent two years as Postdoc and Fellow at Stanford University. His past research activities were mainly in the fields of slow neutrons at Paul Scherrer Institute/Institute Laue Langevin and neutrino physics with recent “excursions” into applied physics.

At the Cluster he will concentrate on experimental tests of the standard model of particle physics (SM) using very slow neutrons and neutrinos. He intends to work primarily on the search for the electric dipole moment of the neutron (nEDM) and the measurement of its life-time. Another emphasis will be the work on angular correlations in neutron beta decay and also measurements of gravity effects on ultra-cold neutrons.

by A. Wolfelsperger-Essig

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