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New research support for Cluster: Dr. Chihiro Sasaki joins areas C and G

The Excellence Cluster Universe welcomes Dr. Chihiro Sasaki. She supports the theory group of Prof. Wolfram Weise as a Postdoc Fellow. Weise holds the chair for Applied Quantum Field Theory at TUM. Additionally, he is project leader of the cluster's research areas C and G. Within area C, the origin of particle masses and the reason for their hierarchy are examined. Area G is searching for the answer to the question how the universe was enriched with heavy elements.

Chihiro Sasaki, who gained her PhD at Nagoya University, Japan, has her main focus on the research of properties of hadrons and quantum chromodynamics (QCD) phase transitions at finite temperature and density using effective field theories. Her aim is to understand the hadron dynamics based on underlying QCD. She will study hadron physics from various angles and will try to clarify the non-perturbative aspects of QCD.

by B. Wankerl

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