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Prof. S.U. Chung (BNL) starts a 3 months visitorship in the cluster

Prof. Su-Urk Chung (Brookhaven Natl. Lab) has arrived on wednesday 11th of april 2007 as guest of the cluster of excellence. Prof. Chung has worked mainly on hadron spectroscopy and has developed a mathematical formalism based on the Poincare group which he applied to partial wave analysis. With his experiment at the Brookhaven AGS he found a new state (called exotic hybrid meson), an important finding in the field of strong interaction pyhsics. Prof. Chung has spent much time in Gemrany, first by a Humboldt award and later by a DFG mercator professorhip. He will stay in Munich for 3 month.

by Prof. S. Paul

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