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Second Research Fellow at Cluster

“I want to be part of such an exceptional project” says Dr. Sara Lucatello when asked about her motivation to apply as Research Fellow at the Excellence Cluster Universe. It has been only a month since Sara arrived at the Cluster and her first impressions are “encouraging”. Before then, Sara, who received her PhD in Astronomy from the University of Padova/Italy, held a tenure track position at the Italian National Institute for Astrophysics in Padova. Additionally, she was a frequent visiting scientist at UCO Lick Observatory in California and worked for several months as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Texas, Austin.





Her research goals center on the need for a better understanding of the early stages of the existence of the Milky Way. Within the Cluster, Sara will be part of Research Area G, which focuses on Heavy Elements. Through spectroscopic observations of the most metal poor stars in our Galaxy, she hopes “to be able to constraint the nucleosynthetic processes which produce the heavy elements and shed light on the physical mechanisms involved”.

by A. Wolfelsperger-Essig

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