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Two new Junior Research Group leaders join Excellence Cluster Universe

The Excellence Cluster Universe welcomes two new Junior Research Group (JRG) leaders: Prof. Dr. Laura Fabbietti for the research field “Dense and Strange Hadronic Matter” and Prof. Dr. Tobias Lachenmaier for “Astroparticle Physics (Experiment)”. Laura Fabbietti received her diploma from the University of Milan. During her PhD studies at the Technische Universität München (TUM), Fabbietti focused on the HADES experiment, which is a dielectron spectrometer of very high acceptance and high momentum resolution built to study the in-medium modifications of vector mesons. As a Post-Doc she started a new project for the study of dense and strange hadronic matter and participated in the planning of one of the FAIR experiment, due to measure charge and matter radii of exotic nuclei (AIC). In 2007, Fabbietti became the leader of a “Helmholtz Young Investigator Group” at TUM. At the Excellence Cluster Universe, she will now create and lead a JRG with the main focus on the study of the kaonic cluster production in elementary reaction at GSI. In this position Fabbietti will be an important link between the existing experimental and theoretical expertise in nuclear-, hadron-, and astrophysics in the Munich area. Before joining the Excellence Cluster Universe, Tobias Lachenmaier, who received his PhD in experimental astroparticle physics from the Technische Universität München, held a Post-Doc position at the “Physikalisches Institut” of the Universität Tübingen. At TUM Lachenmaier had gained a profound expertise in advanced detection techniques within the context of low background measurements with low temperature detectors. In Tübingen he then continued his research on neutrino oscillations. At the Cluster, Lachenmaier now will collaborate with scientists at TUM in experiments, for example, on low energy neutrino astronomy and neutrino properties, as well as on direct search for Dark Matter particles.


Both researchers will actively participate in the teaching program for experimental physics at the Faculty of Physics of TUM and within the Excellence Cluster Universe.

by A. Wolfelsperger-Essig

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