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Universe Cluster makes it to the second round!

The Universe Cluster has made it to the second round of funding! The anxious month-long wait came to an end today at around 4:00 p.m. when the ...


Cosmic Crashes Forging Gold

The cosmic site where the heaviest chemical elements such as lead or gold are formed is likely to be identified: Ejected matter from neutron stars ...


Neutrinos: Ghostly Particles with Unstable Egos

Half a century after their discovery neutrinos are still the source of many riddles. The question as to which rules the mysterious particles follow ...


What Activates a Supermassive Black Hole?

A new astronomical study has turned up a surprise. Most of the huge black holes in the centres of galaxies in the past 11 billion years were not ...


Hadron2011: In Search of Exotic Particles

These days the Künstlerhaus in Munich is staging a large international conference. At „Hadron2011“, which is taking place for the 14th time this ...


Astroparticles and Cosmology - 12th TAUP will take place in Munich

Current developments in astroparticle physics: The conference „Topics on Astroparticle and Underground Physics“ will be held under this motto. The ...

The crab nebula (credit: ESO)

First Evidence for a Spherical Magnesium-32 Nucleus

Elements heavier than iron come into being only in powerful stellar explosions, so-called supernovas. During nuclear reactions all kinds of ...

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