JRG Laura Fabbietti - Strangeness Physics in Cold and Warm Nuclear Matter

Prof. Dr. Laura Fabbietti
Boltzmannstr. 2
85748 Garching
Room 018
Tel +49 89 35831-7118
Fax +49 89 3299-4002

Research area(s): D

Research interests:  

Experimental signature of the in-medium modification of strange mesons in heavy ion collisions, search of deeply bound states of kaon and nucleons (ppK-), test of theoretical model based on chiral perturbation and other phenomenological approaches, strangeness production in pion-induced reactions




Current Research Activities:

  • Building of a silicon-based online trigger for the decay of Lambda Hyperons
  • Study of the spectral shape of the Lambda(1405) resonance produced in p+p reactions
  • Search of kaon nucleons bound state (ppK-) in p+p reactions
  • Building of GEM-TPC detector as a high rate vertex tracker

Group members:

More info can be found on:

Web Page of the Kaon Cluster Group

Article on the group in Cluster Newsletter 1/2010, p. 4.

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Boltzmannstr. 2
D-85748 Garching

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Fax + 49 89 3299 - 4002