Junior Research Groups of the second funding phase (2012 - 2017)

To stimulate new research activities, the Excellence Cluster Universe funded four new junior research groups in the second funding period 2012 to 2017.  Each group is endowed with a leader position, two PhD student positions, a start-up grant as well as funding for investments and general spendings. Ten research group topics were advertised worldwide and many excellent outstanding young people applied from which the four new group leaders were competitively selected.

Dr. Torsten Dahms (TUM)

Junior Research Group Leader

Dr. Torsten  Dahms
Dr. Torsten Dahms Telephone: +49 89 35831 7173
Email: Dr. Torsten Dahms Website: JRG Dahms

"Studying the quark-gluon plasma via low-mass dilepton with ALICE" (experiment)

Dr. Stefan Hilbert (LMU)

Junior Research Group Leader

Dr. Stefan  Hilbert
Dr. Stefan Hilbert Telephone: +49 89 35831 7148
Email: Dr. Stefan Hilbert Website: JRG Hilbert

"Formation and evolution of the cosmic large-scale structure" (theory)

Dr. Paola Popesso (TUM)

Junior Research Group Leader

Dr. Paola  Popesso
Dr. Paola Popesso Telephone: +49 89 35831 7138
Email: Dr. Paola Popesso Website: JRG Popesso

"Linking the Structure Formation process to the evolution of the galaxy Star Formation activity" (observation)

Dr. David Straub (TUM)

Junior Research Group Leader

Dr. David  Straub
Dr. David Straub Telephone: +49 89 35831 7166
Email: Dr. David Straub Website: JRG Straub

"Interplay between direct and indirect searches for new physics" (theory)

Junior Research Groups of the first funding phase (2007 - 2012)

In its first funding period, the Excellence Cluster Universe had the mission to offer exciting career options to young scientists comparing favorably with international research institutions. Early in their career, Post-doctorate scientists could enter the track for a permanent professorship by leading a small research group funded by the Universe Cluster.

These former junior research lead by outstanding young scientists were:

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