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PhD Pool Projects 2013 - 2017

In the second funding period of the Excellence Cluster Universe, 2012–2017, a new structure was established called "PhD Pool Projects".

Dedicated Cluster Principal Investigators were invited to apply with a PhD Project for which the Cluster would fund one PhD student to a maximum of 3,5 years. These projects were reviewed by a number of criteria like scientific attractiveness, feasiblility, timeliness, interdisciplinary and institution-connective aspect.

In a competitive selection process, a Cluster committee reviewed 28 proposals out of which 13 were awarded for funding. The independent evaluation committee was composed out of 14 scienists representing all research areas, theory and experiments and selected across all institutions. The research board discussed  the recommendations of the committee at its meeting on 27 June 2013 and decided with no modifications as to the recommendations – thereby stretching the financial framework to the maximum. The projects start in summer/fall 2013.

PhD Pool Projects selected for funding

Proposer Institute Category Title RA PhD student
Buchalla LMU particle phy, th QED radiative corrections to rare B-meson decays C Krause, Claudius (LMU)
Dolag & Komatsu USM/MPA astro, th Hot & Warm: Simulating Galaxy Clusters with Interacting Dark Matter E, I Teklu, Adelheid (LMU)
Emsellem & Neumayer ESO astro, th+obs Fuelling and growth of galaxy nuclei F Guillard, Nicolas (ESO)
Gerhard & Burkert MPE/LMU astro, th What shapes the conspiracy between luminous and dark matter mass distribution in elliptical galaxies? F, E Pulsoni, Claudia (MPE)
Göger-Neff TUM particle phy, exp Precision measurement of the neutrino mixing angle theta_13 with the Double Chooz experiment: background reduction through pulse shape discrimination and search for oscillation into sterile neutrinos C Appel, Simon (TUM)
Hertenberger LMU particle phy, exp High-precision large-area micropattern detectors B Lösel, Phillip (LMU)
Ibarra TUM astro, th Searching for spectral features in the gamma-ray sky B, E Lopez Gehler, Sergio Andres (TUM)
Kluth MPP particle phy, exp Determination of the top quark mass with ATLAS data and complete A, I n.n.
Majorovits MPP particle phy, exp Limitations of rare event HPGe experiments due to neutron induced backgrounds C, E Vanhoefer, Laura (MPP)
Ratz TUM particle phy, th Flavor symmetry and origin of CP Violation in Grand Unified Theories A - D Trautner, Andreas (TUM)
Saglia MPE astro, th+obs Triaxial modeling of elliptical and barred galaxies E, F Finozzi, Fabrizio (MPE)
Steffen & Garbrecht MPP/TUM particle phy, th Thermal Production of Extremely Weakly Interacting Particles in the Early Universe A, B, D, E Gueter, Dario (MPP)
Testi ESO astro, th+obs Gas and dust evolution in protoplanetary disks G Tazzari, Marco (ESO)

These PhD Pool Projects are awarded once during the second funding period of the Excellence Cluster Universe. In addition, there exist more Cluster PhD Projects.

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