The Excellence Cluster deals with questions we have all asked ourselves at some time when observing the sky on a clear and starry night.

  • How did the Universe form?
  • How was the Earth formed, the moon, the sun and the solar system?
  • Is there life beyond Earth?
  • Why do the stars shine?
  • What is the Milky Way?
  • What forces hold the Universe together?
  • Where does the matter come from?
  • What is the future of our solar system and the Universe?

We want to share the fascination of the Universe and relevant research assignments with students at school. We want to give students an impression of how exciting science can be when we take off our “school glasses”.
With our teacher trainings and students’programmes, we pursue the goal of bringing living science into the classroom. We also do things the other way round by bringing pupils to scientists in the laboratory and the observatory.

We regularly provide further training for secondary schools. An additional integral part of our school programme is the Lecture Pool. In this search engine teachers will find interesting lectures to complement school lessons and can make direct contact with the speakers.

In addition, under Links you will find offers from different institutions. In the Download Area we have put together educational material.

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