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Excellence Cluster Universe Newsletter

  • Issue 1 /2016

    The discovery of gravitational waves ++ Most precise measurement of mass and charge of light nuclei and anti-nuclei ++ Observation of a new combination of light quarks ++ CRESST is ready to detect lightweights ++ The weakest magnetic field in the solar system ++ Magneticum Pathfinder opens a new era of cosmological simulations ++ New insights into very long lasting gamma ray bursts ++ Excellence Cluster Universe PhD Awards 2016 ++ Nobel laureate Takaaki Kajita at the Excellence Cluster Universe

  • Issue 1 /2015

    Interview with TUM emeritus Prof. Franz von Feilitzsch ++ New findings on neutrino masses ++ New measurement for the polarizability of pions supports Standard Model ++ Unexpected finding on the production of elements ++ Exhibition "Evolution of the Universe" at the Deutsches Museum is up to date again ++ The junior research group leader Dr. David M. Straub and the searches for new physics ++ PhD Award 2014

  • ISSUE 2 / 2014

    BICEP2: Much ado about dust? ++ First year of MIAPP: Four successful programs ++ Gran Sasso underground laboratory: Borexino, Gerda and CRESST ++ Borexino: First direct observation of the sun's energy creation ++ End of life of a dwarf star: Igniting a supernova explosion ++ Interview: The american physicist Dr. Jaideep Singh on his year as scientist in Germany ++ New measuring system: First use of Cerberos detector

  • ISSUE 1 / 2014

    Insights into the first split seconds after the Big Bang ++ Quark-gluon plasma: The hottest stuff in the universe ++ Seed Money Projekt: Research for ALICE ++ Science Week 2013 ++ New junior research group: Formation and evolution of the cosmic large-scale structure

  • Ausgabe 3 / 2013

    Aus dem IceCube-Observatorium: "Erste Hinweise auf hochenergetische Neutrinos" ++ Zum Nobelpreis für Physik 2013: "Was fehlt, sind neue, brillante theoretische Ideen" ++ Wissenschaft oder Kunst? ++ Das C2PAP-Team ist komplett ++ Universe PhD Awards 2013 ++ ...

  • Issue 3 / 2013

    From the IceCube observatory: "First evidence of high-energy neutrinos" ++ On the Nobel Prize for Physics 2013: “What is missing, are new, brilliant theoretical ideas” ++ Science or art? ++ C2PAP ++ Universe PhD Awards 2013 ...

  • ISSUE 2 / 2013

    The Dark Energy Survey: "In search of the Dark Energy"++ GERDA: "No trace of Majorana particles" ++ Interview with Dr. Paola Popesso: “Our universe was once a much more violent place” ++ The Excellence Cluster Universe promotes innovative ideas: "Future Investment" ...

  • Ausgabe 2 / 2013

    Dark Energy Survey: "Auf der Suche nach der Dunklen Energie" ++ GERDA: "Keine Spur von Majorana-Teilchen ++ Interview mit Dr. Paola Popesso: "In unserem Universum ging es einst turbulenter zu“" ++ Der Exzelllenzcluster Universe fördert innovative Ideen: Zukunftsinvestitionen ...

  • ISSUE 1 / 2013

    Planck data of the Universe: „The standard model is an almost perfect fit“ ++ Scientists assess the radioactive signal of the Earth’s mantle ++ First hints of supernova iron in bacteria microfossils ++ New Science Center for Astro- and Particle Physics ++ The Excellence Cluster founds the Computational Center for Particle and Astrophysics ++ Four new Junior Research Groups ...

  • Ausgabe 1 / 2013

    Planck-Messungen zum Universum: „Das Standardmodell passt fast perfekt“ ++ Forscher schätzen das radioaktive Signal des Erdmantels ab ++ Erste Hinweise auf Supernova-Eisen in fossilen Bakterienresten ++ Neues Wissenschaftszentrum für Astro- und Teilchenphysik ++ Exzellenzcluster Universe gründet ein Rechner-gestütztes Zentrum für Teilchen- und Astrophysik ++ Vier neue Nachwuchsforschungsgruppen ...

  • Issue 2 / 2012

    Universe Cluster makes it to the second round ++ Unstable tin-100 for the first time investigated in detail ++ How much do neutrinos weigh? ++ New 2-meter telescope on Mount Wendelstein ++ Annual PhD Meeting at Mount Wendelstein ++ Xth Quark Confinement and the Hadron Spectrum ++ Conference on Supernovae in Garching ++ “Exciting opportunity” – Markus Kissler-Patig becomes new Gemini Director

  • AUSGABE 2 / 2012

    Universe Cluster geht in die zweite Runde ++ Erstmals instabiles Zinn-100 genau untersucht ++ Wie viel wiegen Neutrinos? ++ Neues 2-Meter-Teleskop am Wendelstein ++ Doktoranden-Treffen am Wendelstein ++ Konferenz „Quark Confinement and the Hadron Spectrum“ ++ Supernova-Konferenz in Garching ++ Interview mit Dr. Markus Kissler-Patig

  • ISSUE 1 / 2012

    Research Area G Science Day ++ Next Large ESA Mission to research planets ++ New Particle Discovered at CERN ++ Cluster Symposium “Symmetries and Phases in the Universe 2012” ++ The Universe arrives in School ++ Strings 2012 ++ In Search of New Physics ++ Cluster member Elisa Resconi receives Heisenberg Professorship ++ Cluster welcomes new Research Fellow...

  • Ausgabe 1 / 2012

    Wissenschaftstag der Research Area G ++ Nächste große ESA-Mission zur Planetenforschung ++ Neues Teilchen am CERN entdeckt ++ Cluster-Symposium „Symmetries and Phases in the Universe“ ++ Das Universum kommt in die Schulen ++ Strings 2012 ++ Auf der Suche nach neuer Physik ++ Cluster-Wissenschaftlerin erhält Heisenberg-Professur ++ Cluster begrüßt neuen Research Fellow...

  • Issue 3 / 2011

    Gravitational Lensing: Focus on Dark Matter ++ In Search of Antimatter: Full Speed Ahead ++ Science Week 2011 ++ General Assembly 2011: A Glimpse into the Cluster’s Future ++ Insight into the Universe – Open Day Event at the Garching Cambus ++ Symposium “Symmetries and Phases in the Universe” ++ Stars and Dust ++ Mentoring for Female Students...

  • Ausgabe 3 / 2011

    Gravitationslinsen: Dunkle Materie im Brennpunkt ++ Suche nach Antimaterie: mit neuer Kraft voraus ++ Science Week 2011 ++ Mitgliederversammlung 2011: ein Blick in die Zukunft des Clusters ++ Einblicke ins Universum – Tag der offenen Tür in Garching ++ Symposium „Symmetries and Phases in the Universe“ ++ Sterngeburt aus Gas und Staub ++ Mentoring für Schülerinnen...

  • Ausgabe 2 / 2011

    Wie werden supermassereiche Schwarze Löcher aktiv? ++ Mit Kristallen auf der Suche nach Dunkler Materie ++ Universe Cluster und SISSA schließen Partnerschaft ++ Nachtschichten mit dem Nuclear Reaction Network Code + „Bereicherung für den Unterricht“ ++ Hadron2011: Auf der Jagd nach exotischen Teilchen ++ Astroteilchen und Kosmologie - 12. TAUP findet in München statt...

  • Issue 2 / 2011

    What Activates a Supermassive Black Hole? ++ Dark Matter Search with Crystals ++ Universe Cluster and SISSA Enter into a Partnership ++ Nightshifts with the Nuclear Reaction Code ++ “Enrichment for School Lessons” ++ Hadron2011: In Search of Exotic Particles ++ Astroparticles and Cosmology - 12th TAUP will take place in Munich ...

  • ISSUE 1 / 2011

    Our Turbulent Neighborhood in the Milky Way ++ Magnetotactic Bacteria: Tales of Iron-60 and a Past Supernova ++ Excellence Cluster Universe and CTC Cambridge Sign Cooperation Agreement ++ Researcher for a Day – “Hands on Particle Physics” Masterclasses at the Cluster ++ String Theory: In Search of the Universal Formula ++ Barbara Ercolano leads group “Theoretical Astrophysics”

  • ISSUE 4 / 2010

    The Mystery of Inflation ++ CRESST II: In Search of Dark Matter ++ Dark Energy under Observation ++ ERC Grant for Andrzej Buras ++ The Journey to New Physics ++ Science Week 2010 ++ New General Manager for the Cluster

  • Issue 3 / 2010

    "Supernova in Three Dimensions" ++ Summer and Strings in Garching ++ Cluster Hosts its fourth Science Week ++ German Women Physicists Conference ++ The Dark Side of the Universe ++ Cluster Awards Promotional Theses ++ Interview with Nora Brambilla ...

  • ISSUE 2 / 2010

    In Search of the Expansion Engine of the Universe ++ Teacher Training „Aspects of Modern Cosmology“ ++ Summer School on „Strings“ ++ Café & Kosmos brings the Universe to the Pub ++ Science Lounge and Magic Tours through the Universe ++ Order of the Federal Republic of Germany for Prof. Stephan Paul ++ Interview with Jochen Schieck

  • ISSUE 1 / 2010

    Higher Star Formation Rate in Young Galaxies ++ Neutron Research in Garching Further Consolidated ++ It’s the Jet, not the Disk: X-rays from the Area Surrounding Black Holes ++ Strings and Black Holes: Universe Cluster Co-organized the Lüscher Seminar 2010 ++ Austrian Teachers Visit Cluster ++ Andrzej Buras is New Member of the BAdW

  • Issue 4, December 2009

    Greetings from the Very Young Universe ++ Half-life of Iron-60 Surprises Researchers ++ Additional Project Funding at the Universe Cluster ++ A Journey Through Time in the Deutsches Museum ++ Sun, Science and Coffee: Open Day in Garching ++ Classroom Astronomy ++ What’s the Matter with Matter?

  • ISSUE 3, AUGUST 2009

    LOFAR: A new perspective of the Universe ++ Search for the best technology for the ILC ++ High-intensity accelerator RIBF produces first results ++ Call for new project proposals ++ New international partnerships ++ Junior Research Group: Observational Astrophysics ++ Teacher Training in cooperation with TUMLab...

  • ISSUE 2, May 2009

    Finding the sources of diffuse X-Ray emission in the Milky Way ++ New technique for particle acceleration ++ Gas cloud delivers new findings on the formation of stars ++ Collaboration in cosmological computational science ++ Partnership with Tokyo ++ New TUM Underground Laboratory Currently Under Construction...

  • Issue 1, March 2009

    Supernova Explosions Need Second Attempt ++ The DFG Approves a Total of 2.7 Million Euros for Neutron Research in Garching ++ Mikhail Revnivtsev Receives Russian Federation President Prize in Science and Innovation ++ Showtime: the Universe Cluster Video ++ Relaunch of www.universe-cluster.de...

  • Issue 5, December 2008

    Supercomputers Predict where to Look for Dark Matter ++ Milestone for Neutrino Physics: Start of Design Study for LAGUNA ++ International Experts join for Workshop on Hydrodynamics ++ Open the Curtains for IYA2009 ++ Shawn Bishop Becomes New Professor for Experimental Nuclear Astrophysics ...

  • Issue 4 October 2008

    MACHO discovered in the Andromeda Galaxy ++ Open House at Garching ++ Cosmology at the Beach - Winter School in Mexico ++ Interdisciplinary Workshop on Hydrodynamics
    Apart ++ Three new Junior Research Group Leaders at the Cluster ++ Two new Fellows join the Cluster ...

  • Issue 3, August 2008

    Muon Spectrometer in ATLAS: All Pieces in Place ++ Dusty Corners in the Young Universe ++ Cluster Grants € 1.000.000 for Research Projects ++ Busy Cluster Booth at the Science Mile ++ Particle Physics meet Astrophysics ++ Travel to the Universe: Astronomy Day at the Deutsche Museum ++ Training for Teachers ...

  • Issue 2, June 2008

    New functional experiments for the Ultra-cold Neutron Source ++ New string theoretic explanation of Cosmic Inflation ++ Cluster Awards Outstanding PhD Theses ++ IYA 2009 – The Current Global Status ++ Introductory Course on Particle and Nuclear Physics ++ Cluster participates in “Science Mile” at Munich’s 850-year-anniversary ...

  • Issue 1, April 2008

    Detection of a Putative Supernova Progenitor ++ Excellence Cluster Universe and Berkeley Center for Cosmological Physics sign MoU ++ Symposium „Symmetries and Phases in the Universe“: Last call for registration ++ Socialising at the Universe Cluster ++ Three Junior Research Group leaders at the Excellence Cluster Universe

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